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Mahrtenland is a pirate-friendly Grimoire of Gaia-centric, lightly modded 1.12.2 Minecraft server. GoG, Spartan's Weaponry, and Roots Classic are the only content mods, it's otherwise basically vanilla.


(Includes LunatriusCore + Schematica, DynamicSurroundings, and BetterFoliage. These are client-side, optional and may be deleted.)

Server URL:


IRC: #mahrtenland on

You can protect your chunks from griefing with Factions and toggle pvp off or on (default enabled).

Basic Factions commands:
/f create NAME to create a faction called NAME (cannot contain spaces)
/f claim one to claim the chunk you're currently standing in
/f claim auto to automatically claim any chunk you enter (use the command again to turn it off)
There are further commands for modifying faction colours, description, permissions, ranks, etc.; see the plugin's homepage.

05 Dec Update

You can now craft Premium Monster Feed (needed to pacify unhurt hostile monstergirls) with the following shapeless recipe:

Golden Apple Pie Slice Dropped by Level 3 GoG mobs. (Marked with a diamond shard on the GoG wiki.)
Golden Apple Crafted by surrounding an Apple with Gold Ingots.
Crystalized Experience (Medium) Smelt a Gold Box (dropped by Level 2 GoG mobs).

22 Apr Update

The following mods were added:

  • FutureMC (backports some 1.13+ content)
  • Forgelin (dependency)
  • Lootable Bodies (replaces the serverside Cenotaph, which annihilated accessories in the Baubles slots)

In addition, the serverside plugin ChairStairs was added. Right-click stairs or slabs with an empty hand to sit down on them. The modpack links have been updated accordingly.

28 Feb Update

The following mods were added:

  • Roots Classic
  • Spartan Shields
  • Enhanced Armaments
  • Patchouli
  • Universial Bestiary (Stimer's branch)
  • CraftTweaker

The modpack links above have been updated accordingly.

Info for returning players

I've soft-rebooted the server, removing a few mods, culling/regenerating much of the world (and keeping only a few areas and builds), moving the spawn (undone) and changing backend stuff. I kept a full backup of the old world. If your home is gone and you want it back, contact me on IRC and I can either restore it to the live world, or send you a backup.

ClaimChunks has been replaced with Factions. Please re-claim/re-protect your land with that.




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